Closely Held Business Disputes

The power of a good negotiator must never be underestimated. The tools of a practiced and expert negotiator can yield far more than the hammer approach used by many attorneys. You, and your expert negotiating team, not a court, control the outcome. As long as both parties understand that a failed negotiation results in litigation, the legal undercurrent forms the incentive to come to an agreement.

At Flexx Law, our experienced and practiced negotiators have a natural bias to bringing disputes to a fully negotiated resolution. Our lawyers are trained in the science of negotiation, understanding that negotiation tactics and planning are essential to an optimum outcome. If you are interested in early, efficient, and optimum dispute resolution the attorneys at Flexx Law are your solution.

Maggie Smith on Negotiation

Click to view a video of Flexx Law, P.S. founder Maggie Smith discussing aspects of Negotiation.