MEDIATION is negotiation between parties (and their attorneys) with the help of an impartial mediator. Mediation is non - binding on the parties until a binding agreement is reached. There is no compulsion to reach an agreement.

Flexx Law PS provides the following mediation services:

  • A Flexx Law attorney acts as both parties’ impartial mediator


  • A Flexx Law attorney represents only one party as his/her attorney during mediation.

The FLEXX LAW, PS downtown office facilities are ideally configured to accommodate mediation. A comfortable negotiation conference room is made available with separate meeting rooms for side conferences.

Please note: It is advisable that each party have an attorney present during mediation or at the minimum have the negotiated terms reviewed by your own attorney before the agreement becomes binding.

Maggie Smith on Mediation

Click to view a video of Flexx Law, P.S. founder Maggie Smith discussing aspects of Mediation.