LITIGATION is one of the most common and uncertain forms of dispute resolution. Wise counsel would advise you that there is never a 100% probability of success in litigation, no matter how iron clad your case appears to be. It is also one of the most lucrative endeavors for an attorney. The old adage “only the attorneys win in ligitation” is often the case.

At Flexx Law our bias does not favor litigation. Dispute resolution should be resolved in an environment where you are in control. However, underlying many alternative dispute resolutions is a filed lawsuit or threat of a lawsuit. This looming threat helps set the stage for adhering to timelines and enforcement of a conclusion.

Litigation generally means taking your dispute to court. But it can also mean arbitration. Many commercial contracts mandate arbitration for its brevity and relative economy. Full blown court litigation can be lengthy, costly, and full of emotional drama. Add that to unpredictability and the court litigation alternative can be a monster. It can be damaging to important relationships such as family relationships in the closely held family business disputes.

Flexx Law, PS recognizes the role of litigation in dispute resolution, but fundamentally endorses the most expeditious means to resolve your dispute.

Maggie Smith on Litigation

Click to view a video of Flexx Law, P.S. founder Maggie Smith discussing the aspects of Litigation.