Flexx Dispute Resolution – an overview

FLEXX LAW, PS is one of Seattle’s most innovative and efficient practitioners of commercial conflict resolution. Our dispute resolution practice is focused on serving closely held businesses.

Flexx law lawyers apply tailored and disciplined approaches to bring resolution to each unique situation. Flexx Law is at the leading edge of providing legal solutions to business disagreements. Employing creative tools such as Cooperative Law, Collaborative Law and studied negotiation tactics first to a conflict, Flexx Law seeks an efficient way to avoid litigation. At Flexx Law we understand the significance of litigation as a last resort. We may find the tactic useful as an underlying consequence, but not without first exploring alternate means of dispute resolution. All too often the only sure winners in litigation are the attorneys. Not at Flexx Law.

Areas of practice

  • Shareholder disputes
  • Employer/Employee disputes
  • Vendor / Purchaser disputes
  • Client disputes
  • Interstate and international disputes
  • Real estate disputes
  • Divorce and the business owner

Maggie Smith on Flexx Law, P.S

Click to view a video of Flexx Law, P.S. founder Maggie Smith discussing aspects of the firm.