ARBITRATION is similar to a trial, but without involving the court. A decision is made by an agreed upon arbitrator and the arbitrator’s decision is binding on both parties.

More flexibility is build into an arbitration than a conventional lawsuit. The parties can agree how they want to deal with the dispute. They can make their own ground rules which can range from timelines to discovery. Parties can agree to a mediation process as a preliminary step to resolution and agree to submit to binding arbitration should mediation fail. This can result in many economies not found in courthouse litigation. Commercial agreements commonly call for dispute resolution by arbitration.

FLEXX LAW PS offers arbitration services as follows:

  • By acting as an impartial arbitrator to decide the issues between the parties


  • By representing one client during arbitration.

FLEXX LAW PS downtown Seattle location provides comfortable facilities suitable for the arbitration process. Please note: It is advisable to have an attorney representing you during arbitration.

Maggie Smith on Arbitration

Click to view a video of Flexx Law, P.S. founder Maggie Smith discussing aspects of Arbitration.